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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Patlabor: The Next Generation (Movie) - Take A Virtual Tour of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Special Vehicle Section 2

Patlabor: The Next Generation (Movie)  
Release Dates:
Episode 0 & Episode 1 (Apr 5th 2014)

Mobile Police Patlablor live-action 'The Next Generation -PATLABOR-' official website launches the Virtual Tokyo Metropolitan Police Special Vehicle Section 2 tour today.  Viewers can take an awesome up-close view of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Special Vehicle Section 2 hangar.

Take closer look at 8 meters tall AV-98 Ingram as well as other vehicle & equipments.  The video is narrated by Shigeru Chiba (plays Shigeo Shiba in the film).

View more image from our original post: HERE

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