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Friday, September 2, 2011

RIOBOT CREATION Rebuild of Evangelion - EVA-01 Test Type

RIOBOT CREATION Rebuild of Evangelion - EVA-01 Test Type  (Release Date: Jan 2012, price: 7800 yen)
Here comes EVA-01 TEST TYPE sculpted by Hiroyuki Komatsubara (studio RECKLESS).
With his own interpretation, the EVA-01 TEST TYPE has been newly sculpted as an action model with 22 articulation points.
The parts around the thighs are made of PVC and difficult cubic surface has been expressed beautifully.
Inside each clear parts are own interpreted diecut mold are curved in. ABS has been used for the armor parts and sharp lines are expressed with detail.
Size: Appx. 170mm Tall
Articulation Parts: 22
Set Content:
-Base, Lance of Longinus, Progressive knife, Pallet Rifle
Images from Amiami

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