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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Busou Shinki (Moon Angel) - Info, Screenshots & Preview Video

Konami's action figure series "Busou Shinki" was previously announced to get an online anime adaptation. The anime, titled "Busou Shinki Moon Angel", will be streamed on PlayStation Store starting on September 22nd 2011.  Each episode is 3 - 5 minutes long and new episodes will be added weekly.
Director: Kojima Masayuki
Script: Shimizu Megumi ("Xam'd: Lost Memories")
Design Works: Shimada Humikane, Yanase Takayuki ("Mobile Suit Gundam 00")
Character Design: Ikariya Atsushi ("Fate/zero")
Production Studio: Kinema Citrus, TNK

Arnval MK.2: Asumi Kana
Strarf MK.2: Chihara Minori
A game adaptation "Busou Shinki Battle Masters MK.2" will be released on PlayStation Portable on September 1st.
Sources: Konami, 4Gamer

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