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Monday, June 17, 2013

Team GG JohnnyRidden Builds: HMM Psycho Geno Saurer - W.I.P

Team GG JohnnyRidden Builds: HMM Psycho Geno Saurer - W.I.P 
So after my first day at school I took the liberty and need to relax and what better way than doing so with a new model kit. The HMM Psycho Geno Saurer is a good kit to build. In fact, if you’re familiar with Bandai’s MG Unicorn Gundam and all its variations, this is basically Kotobukiya’s Zoids version of it. This kit is the 5th version in the Geno Saurer family from the Geno Saurer, Geno Breaker, Geno Saurer Raven Ver, Geno Breaker Raven Ver and now this beautiful kit.
This kit was released in April and is currently stocked at GG INFINITE(link above to order). I was happy to get this kit and I am looking forward into building it. Now this is a huge kit. It has 48 runners in total and to build the head you need 11 runners. What I don’t like so far is that unlike Bandai, Kotobukiya doesn’t label which runners will be needed so you either lay all them out or go in search of the runners you need.  After building this kit twice, I found that taking the time to label which runners will be needed in the build for each segment is best.
Enough of me rambling on, onto the kit itself. I hope you don’t mind the quality of the photos and leave positive comments below.
This is the Geno Saurer's main Weapon the charged particle cannon. (A hyper mega particle cannon for gundam fans)
 The head is very detailed, the eyes consist of three parts. The grey you see is its own part, then comes the blue eye which by the way is very tough to get into the small space and finally a clear eye cover.
 I'm pleased that Kotobukiya has put chrome plated plates in the kit like the teeth. It adds more to the kit.

 Yes it does look like a rooster.

 Comparison with the first Geno Saurer.

 Comparison with the Berserk Fury( Furher)

 Comparison with the Geno Saurer Raven Custom. (Note: this Geno Saurer is different from the first Geno. The First Geno has black armor while this has a more violet, dark purple colored armor.)

 Comparison with the Geno Breaker. In the anime the Psycho Geno Saurer was created from the data/DNA of the Geno Breaker. As you will see there are many similarities between these two kits. One similarity.....
 The rooster head
 Thank you again for reading this post and stay tuned for more W.I.Ps of this kit. I plan on completing this kit Thursday night

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