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Monday, May 13, 2013

VALVRAVE: 1/144 Valvrave - Painted Build

VALVRAVE: 1/144 Valvrave (Release Date: Apr 2013, Price: 2,400 yen)
Painted Build by haiyabusa


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  2. for the parts that the stickers were originally supposed to be, are those areas painted with a brush or were they taped and then sprayed? This custom paint job on this valvrave is amazing . I love that haiyabusa made the original colors of the model kit even better. I'm thinking of using a pearl white coat then a pearl clear laquer to give it a more shiny look. The red im thinking of using metallic red then finish with a clear gloss coating. I was trying to find a spray close to the exoskeleton color but the closest i've found is gunmetal which is a bit darker then what is displayed here. I'd really rather go for using an airbrush as there are many more available colors but i cant afford to dish out so much for an airbrush. I have seen cheap ones for 20-30 dollars but i'm sure something will go wrong with the nozzle such as uneven coatings from the spraying nozzle.