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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Transformers 4 - New On-Set Images [Updated 6/8/13]

Transformers 4 - First Look at a few Autobot Vehicles
Transformers 4 is now filming in Monument Valley, Utah and the alt modes of three Autobots have been revealed, including that of Optimus Prime!

Image courtesy of Toys Daily
Hound finally joins the Autobot crew!
Rumor has it that the old truck in the background is a Dinobot. I love the homage to G1 Prime, but not sure if it works for a Dinobot.

Images via IGN & tfw2005.com

Comparing the alt modes from TF4 (top) and TF3 (bottom), we can see that there are quite a few differences in overall shape and style, although they are sticking with the flames in the paint job. I look forward to seeing the new robot designs and hope that they are a little less cluttered & busy than the originals.