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Monday, November 5, 2012

Evangelion: Japanese Menswear Company Offers Evangelion-Themed Formal Wear [News via AnimeNewsNetwork]

Dress shirts, ties, tiepins, cufflinks modeled after EVA units, NERV, AT-Field, entry plug, angels
News via AnimeNewsNetwork

The Japanese menswear company Haruyama began selling Evangelion-themed collaborative formal wear clothing on Monday.
Haruyama is selling five different types of dress shirts modeled after EVA Unit 01, EVA Unit 02, and NERV, and five different tie designs modeled after EVA Unit 01 and EVA Unit 02. The dress shirts and ties retail for 4,095 yen (about US$51) each.
Each tie has a NERV logo on the back side, and three of the dress shirts have the NERV logo along the inside of the collar. The ties are made of 100% silk and the dress shirts are made of cotton and polyester.
The company is also selling four different types of brass tiepins for 3,465 yen (about US$43) each and six different types of brass cufflinks for 4,095 yen per set.

News via AnimeNewsNetwork

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