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Friday, August 17, 2012

Evangelion Inspires Free English iOS Guide App to San Francisco [News via AnimeNewsNetwork]

Mari's voice Trina Nishimura automatically speaks when user gets close to landmarks
[News via AnimeNewsNetwork]

 On Thursday, the Japanese developer Kayac released an iOS tourist's guide to San Francisco in the U.S. App Store — with Evangelion pilot Mari as the guide, complete with her English dub voice Trina Nishimura. The free guide has text and audio entries for over 50 sites of interest throughout the streets of San Francisco.
Whenever the user gets close to one of those sites, the app can automatically play a voice message from Mari as she reels off the highlights of the spot. People can also manually select the entries for sites at any time. 
 San Francisco's Japantown neighborhood happens to be hosting the J-Pop Summit Festival next week with several official Evangelion events. The New People center will have a two-day art exhibition titled "Evangelion Pop-Up Museum" in its SUPERFROG gallery.
The festival is a part of a four-nation stamp rally along with France's Japan Expo (July 5-8), China's ICAC International Comic and Animation Convention (November 3-11), and Tokyo's Evangelion store (July 25-August 26). Finally, "Real Escape Game x Evangelion: Escape from an Angel," an immersive multiplayer game, will have players roaming through the streets of Japantown.

[News via AnimeNewsNetwork]

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