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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Life-Size Scopedog (VOTOMS) Papercraft!

PDF detailing how to create 12+ foot paper mecha to be sold at next Wonder Festival
[News via AnimeNewsNetwork]
The model gun and accessory maker Dai-Nihon Giken has created a "PDFcraft" guide detailing how to create a life-size Scopedog robot mecha from Sunrise's VOTOMS anime series primarily out of paper. The group is planning to exhibit the lower half of a completed version of the model at the 2012 Summer Wonder Festival, where they will also sell the guide. The 3.8-meter tall (about 12.5 feet) model uses a simple frame consisting of a modified ladder, but is otherwise made out of paper. 

In an interview with Japan's ITmedia website, Seiji Tanaka, the head of Dai-Nihon Giken, said that it will take roughly one year to complete the model, so only the lower half of the robot will be completed in time to exhibit at the upcoming event, though he hopes to display a completed version in the winter. Tanaka also states that though his group is selling a DVD-ROM for 3000 yen (about US$38) with instructions on how to build the model, he does not expect anyone else to actually create one themselves. Tanaka is also posting regular updates on the model's construction on his Twitter account. 

Last winter, the group erected a life-size replica of the Magical Musket from the Puella Magi Madoka Magica television anime series and made it the centerpiece of its booth.
Update: Kōgorō Kurata famously built a life-size iron statue of the Scopedog Brutish Custom about six years ago.

[News via AnimeNewsNetwork], Source: ITmedia 

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