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Sunday, December 18, 2011

TFC Toys Hercules [Heavy Labor] - Review by Team GG

TFC Toys Hercules [Heavy Labor]
Review by Team GG [Gundam Guy]
The TFC Toys Hercules series is a 3rd party transformable mecha toys series.  Although they couldn't use the word 'Transformers' on their product, fans knows very well that their toy line are all based on the Transformers design.  The 'Hercules' is the equivalent of the 'Devastator', combining a total of 6 Construticons into the giant 'Devastator'.  Each of these figures can run you an estimate of $96USD or above.  I do plan to collect them all.
This is the second figure in the TFC Toys Hercules line. There are six figures in all to make the mighty Hercules figure.   These are combining constructicon robots. Heavylabor is a massive dumptruck that make up the torso and hips of Hercules. And here is our own photo review:
Box & Packaging
Collector Card
Transformation Manual
Profile Images
The scale of this figure is about 6 inches tall, which is taller than the Hasbro's Transformers Constructicon figures I bought back in the 80s.  I am really looking forward to combining the rest of the set to form the Hercules (aka. Devastator)... is going to be a monster!
Action Poses
For a 3rd party toy manufacturer, the Heavy Labor is actually quite poseable, probably not as articulate as other type of mecha figures such as for example the Robot Damashii or the Revoltech toy line.  But comparing with TakaraTomy Transformer Masterpiece series, this figure is by far much more articulate in comparison (and definitely, much better in the QC department).
The Heavy Labor only comes with 2 gun cannons (Purple & Red).  Not really sure why they color the gun cannon as such, but for folks who don't like the childlish colors, this figure can be easily taken apart for re-paint if you so desired.  For for a figure that cost $96USD+, I don't think there would be too many re-paints for this guy.
Transforming from robot to a dump truck form
 When in dump truck form, the truck itself looks great, with plenty of details here and there. 
Final Thoughts
A very solid figure that is both playable & nice to look at.  Thru out my play time with it, I encounter no issues what so ever.  The transformation is simple, yet effective (well done TFC Toys QC team).  Although this figure is quite an expensive one, but with Takara Tomy releasing more re-issue of old toys (ahem.. Masterpiece Starscream), I really wouldn't mind to invest my money with the Hercules series.  It is quite a treat to have something as grand as the Devastator for die-hard Transformers fans, and I look forward to reviewing other 5 units after I acqurie them.

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