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Friday, August 26, 2011

Eva: Sound Impact Game Demo Posted as Japanese iOS App

Namco Bandai Games released a demo of the upcoming Evangelion: Sound Impact game on Thursday, but it is only available on the Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices through the Japanese iTunes service. The actual game itself will ship for the PSP platform on September 29. With three missions and two difficulty levels, the demo version is free until August 31 and costs ¥85 after then. 
Developed by Grasshopper Manufacturer (No More Heroes), Evangelion: Sound Impact features six types of game that mix music with visuals. Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill) remixes music from the new four-film Evangelion remake — with the approval of Evangelion composer Shiro Sagisu — while visuals from the films are also shown. The game's director is Kazutoshi Iida (Aquanauts Holiday, Kyojin no Doshin). The concept of an action game based around musical rhythms was suggested by creative producer Goichi "51" Suda. (The game's official genre is "unknown synchro action.")
The game's regular edition will cost 6,280 yen (about US$81.60), and there will also be two deluxe editions: a Soundtrack Edition with a music CD (8,380 yen or US$108), and a Special Edition with the soundtrack, a T-shirt and specially made ear phones (11,530 yen or US$149.80).

Rebuild of Evangelion New Movie Edition - 3nd Sound Impact (Regular Ver.) Price: 6280 yen
Rebuild of Evangelion New Movie Edition- 3nd Sound Impact (Soundtrack Edition) Price: 8380 yen
Includes: Rebuild of Evangelion - Sound Impact game, Soundtrack CD, Special sleeve case
Rebuild of Evangelion New Movie Edition - 3nd Sound Impact (Special Edition) Price: 11530 yen ** limited release until the end of Dec 2011 **
Includes: Rebuild of Evangelion - Sound Impact game, Soundtrack CD, Special T-shirt, Special headphones (from Audio Technica), Special storage case
Source: AnimeNewsNetwork, Video & Images from Famitsu.com

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