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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anubis Zone of Enders: Jehuty [Kotobukiya] - Promo & New Images

Anubis Zone of Enders: Jehuty [Kotobukiya]   (Release Date: Dec 2011, Price: 4800 yen)
Size: Appx. 180mm Tall (NON Scale)
Characteristic form of orbital frame has been made perfectly.
Knee, elbow joints and other joints has been made with pursuit detail. The wing part on the back comes with an open mode fin part. You can attach the fin part in the open mode and bend the cockpit, and make it pose in a flying state.
The right arm's energy sword "paddle blade" can be posed in both stored mode and opened mode. The energy shield on the left arm can also be posed.
Manipulator (optional hand part) comes in 4 types; regular style, holding style, grabbing style and nail vulcan flat palm style.
The "landing gear" parts can be achieved by posing and it can stand by itself.
It comes with "special mechanical base - flying 3" with tampo print.
 Images from Amiami

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