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Saturday, July 30, 2011

[PS3] Armored Core V - Screenshot & Design Art Images

Armored Core V [PS3 Ver.] (Release Date: Oct 20th 2011 ,Price: 7800 yen)
Developers claim that Armored Core 5, the fifth reboot of the series, will rely more on tactics and using the geography of level rather than high-speed finger work. This harks back more to the original PS1 games, especially the first, as many levels were set within city type environments and were more tactical as a consequence. A notable difference will be smaller mechs (5 meter tall, as opposed to the 10 meter mech from the previous releases), which will allow more varied, "three dimensional" stages. Reports from the developer suggest a greater emphasis on stealth as a result of the size change, which allows the mech to maneuver between alleyways and buildings for cover.
The online mode will feature five-on-five team-based battles, with each side battling over specific objectives on a persistent world map. Additionally, one member of the team will be designated as a commander (called an "Operator"), whose job it will be to oversee the larger battle and issue orders to the other team members. A special interface is being designed by the developers to facilitate this.
The game’s Japanese release is currently scheduled for sometime in late 2011,for both PS3 and 360. Namco Bandai has announced that they will be handling exports, and the game will be released in North America in 2012, at the earliest. Japanese buyers will receive pre-order bonus with Last Raven Portable that includes an Art Book and a code for use in Armored Core V.
Images from Gigazine.net, Info from Wikipedia

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  1. I hope here in North America we get a bonus too.