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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Anime: Tiger & Bunny - Episode 1 - 3 Reviews

Just watched episode 1 of this new anime series, and I enjoyed it.  And i do intend to follow this series.  Falldog @ Otaku Revolution had written some great reviews for episode 1-3, and I thought it would be informative to post his links here.

Tiger & Bunny is a new anime program current airing weekly in Japan. Produced by Sunrise it's currently being directed by Keiichi Satou (best known for his work on Big O). The series revolves around a couple of super heroes who fight crime while driving ad revenue and product placement for a hero themed television program....(read more at Otaku Revolution)

Tiger & Bunny - Episode 1 & 2 Review
By Otaku Revolution (Falldog)
Tiger & Bunny - Episode 3 Review
By Otaku Revolution (Falldog)
Source: Otaku Revolution

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