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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Revoltech No.103 Z.O.E Jehuty - New Images

Revoltech No.103 Z.O.E Jehuty (Release Date: Apr. 15th 2011, Price: 2850 Yen)
There has been a lot of contraversy surrounding the authenticity of this release, as there aren't many source that can confirm this.  Some believe this is just a news that has yet to be confirmed.... some believe this is a hoax.... some believe this is the resin kit of the Jehuty... and some believe that Revoltech had indeed made a mold for the Jehuty awhile back.  But whatever you believe.. you gotta enjoy these nice images of the Z.O.E Jehuty and hope that this release is indeed true.

Images from CyberGundam

1 comment:

  1. Agree...only the first two picture show revoltech-ness(note the joints)of the figure.The rest,I'm pretty sure we'd saw them elsewhere, as either resin kit or scratch built.
    But if it's indeed true,well my man...I'm a really happy man.^^,